As we spend 2020 focusing on God, please see the testimonies of God working in our lives.
My father has Alzheimer’s. Last week he fell three times in two days including two trips to the ER. The last trip required 13 staples to the back of his head. Because of the coronavirus they did not keep him in the hospital but sent him home and said he needed 24 hour professional care. We contacted several facilities but none had room. We finally made temporary arrangements and put our name on waiting list for a room when available. The next day 2 different hospice nurses said we didn’t need to move him to a facility because he probably will not live past this weekend. It has been a hard and emotional week but the peace of God has been a constant companion. At the writing of this post, dad is resting comfortably waiting for the day he meets his Lord face to face. It is so comforting to know we can focus on God at all times and He will never leave us or forsake us!! Praise the Lord.
– Craig Smith
As our daily routines have changed, I’ve noticed my family and other families in my neighborhood spending more time together. Each morning and evening I see entire families on bike rides, parents and kids throwing a ball in the yard, or families doing yard work together. Rinata, Caroline, and I have started going on bike ride (baby bike trailer included) almost everyday. I know that God designed the family to the be the foundation of society, and seeing families together reminds me that His plans are good. We have even had more opportunities to have (socially distanced) conversations with people in our neighborhood. I pray that God continues to work on my family and the families around me during this time. God is good!!
– George Lovegrove
Due to the new pregnancy, Kristen and I have had a new set of medical bills and expenses, however we have seen God provide for all of our needs through multiple sources and unexpected windfalls.  God hears prayers and is a good Father who takes care of his children.  
– Jeremy Knight  
He provided a brother to come and mow our yard when we could not. He didn’t ask. Just saw the need and did it. By the way his name is Angel.
– Sandy Johnston Hardy
As We are all going thru this corona virus together, it’s been especially hard on me. I was tested positive for influenza A during Spring Break, and I was worried about my elderly parents who were running short on groceries. And Julio started having severe pain but still working. So my spring break with the flu, seemed like a walk in the park compared to what was coming. Then My husband was admitted to the hospital last Sunday and as we were waiting in the ER, we heard other people’s problems. And it sure did put ours into perspective. Were our “problems” really as urgent as theirs? There were doctors crowded around us asking questions, and running scans. And then they said my husband would have to be admitted and he would have surgery the following day, and then they said “Okay Mrs.Rodriguez this is where you say goodbye, the hospital is not allowing anyone that isn’t a patient past this point”. My mouth dropped. Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, no one goes in the hospital without authorization. We just got married in November, whatever happened to “wherever you go, I go?” Whatever happened to In sickness and in health? I could not do anything for my husband except PRAY. So I prayed with him and the nurses before leaving. Once I stepped into the car, I broke down. I cried to God to hear my prayers and heal my husband soon. I had no idea that an overnight stay and “observations” after surgery would turn into 5 days in the hospital. We would video chat every morning before breakfast to pray together and I would read him a chapter from our daily readings in the Bible. Pastor Craig called and prayed with him on the phone, and Rhonda was checking in on how I was doing everyday. Julio told me that after Pastor Craig prayed with him, he felt the Holy Spirit in the room with him. He said he could feel peace when he was in pain. And he said God was pressing on his heart to be baptized after all of this pandemic is over. He finally came home last night, so a little bit of good news for the weekend! Even though my husband is a believer and a God fearing man—he came home different. We trust in Gods plan, and we know this is only making us stronger as a newlywed couple. Our faith can move mountains and Although we do have a rough road to recovery ahead of us, God is definitely guiding our steps. God is working!
Have you seen how people all over the nation are coming together and supporting one another?! In a world that was being torn with racial discrimination and the police, political debates and abortion laws. We are all going through this together. It brings me great joy when I see everyone coming together to help each other. God bless!
– Elisa Nino
 As the nation when into the mode of restricting gatherings larger than 10 people, I wondered how the Church across America would respond. Would people be willing to try it out, and find ways to connect and worship, even if they couldn’t meet together. Last night I read an article that explained, so many people connected to their local church through the internet that it “broke the internet”. Websites like Facebook, Youtube, and Zoom experienced issues. That same article mentioned that 28,000 salvations were recorded across the country.
– Daniel Simons
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